Welcome friends! I’m Lisa K.

I am an Authentic Mindset Coach. I help growth-minded individuals become more comfortable with vulnerability and transparency through the teachings of intentional mindset tools. Together we’ll craft a plan to move you closer to your most Authentic self, restoring confidence and ultimately creating greater joy in your life!



Authentic Mindset Coach. Joy Strategist. Culture Mender. Intuitive Counselor. Recovering Perfectionist. Constant Learner. Boy mom. Yogi.

We all ultimately have one goal. We want to be happy. And I believe that when we’re able to step boldly into our most authentic selves, we create more joy and happiness in our lives.

The more joy we can discover and share each day makes us better parents, friends, coaches, coworkers, spouses and lends to an overall better quality of life.

I want to help you step into your most authentic self and get back to your joy.

Let’s not waste another minute! Let’s connect. Let’s map out your path back to joy and authenticity.

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 client love


“I’ve worked with Lisa for over 5 years and can honestly say she is one of my greatest gifts. She is one of the smartest people I know! Her coaching has helped me be a better leader! She always lifts me up, has amazing ideas to make me think, keeps me accountable and is always there when I need someone to bounce ideas off. If you are a leader looking to take things to the next level, I highly recommend her!”

- Stacey Stratton, President/CEO, True Talent Group • Digital, Marketing and Creative Recruiter


“I was feeling stuck in my career, not sure what move to make next, and trying to figure out how to best align myself with God’s purpose in my life. Lisa helped me unravel the big ball of string I created in my mind so that I was able to identify my goals and take action steps to achieve the things I needed to be happy at work and also in life. I had it in me, but Lisa helped get it out, organize it, and put it back in. Just what I needed! I’m so thankful for her coaching and guidance.”

- Andrea Aguilar, Immigration Attorney at Diaz Law Firm, P.C., Forth Worth, TX