Hi. I’m Lisa K.

Authentic Mindset Coach. Joy Strategist. Culture Mender. Intuitive Counselor. Recovering Perfectionist. Constant Learner. Boy mom. Yogi.


 Are you over feeling stuck, mediocre, unappreciated, mentally overwhelmed and flat out unhappy?

I hear ya. And trust me you’re not alone. Most of us are just going through life day by day when suddenly one day we wake up to this feeling of “I know there’s more to life than what I’m living.”

If you’re at this point ready to get back to your true self and start living more authentically with more joy then I’m happy you landed here.

I work with individuals and business leaders to discover their authenticity and reinforce it with tools that constantly reignite your joy.

I believe in whole person coaching. Because it’s all connected. If you’re feeling less-than at work, that affects your personal life and feeling unhappy at home affects how you perform at work.



Lets get back to joy & authenticity

Too often we are guilty of giving away our happiness.  Of letting others reactions to us or opinions of us kill our entire mood, our entire morning, our entire day.  I teach clients tangible tools and tactical strategies to keep in their tool kit so they’re armed with the right tool to recover from any situation.  A boss that doesn't appreciate your gifts, a partner that brings you down, a family member who loads on the guilt trip, friends who fail to meet your expectations… how we process each of these scenarios is so critical to our joy experience.

During our first session, we’ll go through a Personal Inventory, where we’ll review goals for the 6 key areas of your life: Personal, Relationships, Lifestyle, Financial, Health and Career.  We review all areas because business goals can be held back by personal obstacles, and personal obstacles can be held back by career obstacles. It’s all interconnected. Also, you may come to me with obstacles in your relationships, but discover your personal obstacles are actually what is holding you back. We review all of it.  From there, we prioritize and map out how you’ll get to your goals over a 12 week period. We chat for 3 weeks in a row, then take the 4th week off to digest, process and apply. Each session ends with homework so you’re consistently challenging yourself to grow, pull forward and inch your way toward your goals.

I am by your side while you unpack all that’s weighing on you and then, once you’re ready, together, we put back the pieces and create a plan to get you back on track, inching your way toward your goals, living your life on purpose, living the life you’ve dreamed up for yourself, leading you back to your highest level of joy.



my story

lisa k and family

I am a small-town Kentucky girl who ventured out to 22 different countries on my quest to know, understand and feel people. I’m obsessed with growth and understanding, with an unquenchable thirst for learning about mindset work and joy hacks. I started my coaching business in 2013 and have had the privilege of changing lives ever since. I thrive in situational leadership and leverage my Strength Finder skill of WOO and my intuition to intentionally navigate my clients through whatever obstacle is blocking their current view.

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