Creating your perfect space...[even after your new husband moves in ;)]

As a newlywed, my husband and I moved in together recently and what once was 'my' space, now became 'our' space.  As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE my husband, I believe that as women, there is just something SO incredibly sacred about having our own space.  Sometimes for me that space is mental - floating off to a yoga class, taking a walk outside, a sweat session at the gym, or even taking my dog out and sitting under a tree.  And other times, that space needs to be physical - a room or a place where you can get away from the external distractions of life and just turn inward.  Now, I admittedly don't have children yet, except for my dog-son Miguel - so I know that cracking the code on 'me-time' and 'sacred space' as a Mommy is even that much more unique, but either way, whether you're making time for it now or not, regardless of your life-status (single, married, mommy or otherwise), YOU FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.  


Today I'm focusing on sacred physical space.  To Be Our Best Selves, Live our Best Lives, and Awaken Within we MUST find a way to take care of ourselves or we will not serve those we love and cherish to our fullest ability.  When my husband moved in, I found that I did not have any where in 'our' home any longer to call my own - my sacred space.  I found myself nurturing this need for alone time by going off to take a hot shower, or closing the door to our bedroom so I could journal, meditate, etc. or even hanging out in my closet for some quiet time.  My "home office" had originally been located on my dining room table - I LOVED IT! Close to coffee and surrounded by 5 huge windows that let in the most beautiful sun and views of nature.  But with my amazing husband in the background, jamming out to Kip Moore and making us breakfast, {ya, I'm lucky!} it was hardly the once sacred space that it was when I was single.  SO, Lisa K Coaching moved to a new address in 2016!


Now mind you, I'm not complaining.  We live in a 3 bedroom home.  One bedroom is ours, one bedroom is now my closet {pause, withold judgment} and the third bedroom is for guests.  While my focus was on using mostly items I already owned AND being financially responsible, I created the most amazing space.  I still have a few items in mind that will make this space an even more incredible place to write, create, coach, inspire, develop, grow and ideate... but I've nested and created a pretty kick ass space so far.


I used a folding buffet table for my desk {this is one item I'll eventually upgrade to a real desk} and a #gold table cloth I had from holiday entertaining.  Then pulled a lamp from the basement, spray painted the shade #gold {noticing a #gold obsession} and pulled some items from around the house:  a "love lives here sign" {gift from an AMAZINGGGGGGG Client}, a white candle, a gold dish, my buddha scentsy warmer, obviously, a mason jar to hold my pens and made a spot for my journals. Next, I hung a pin board above for me to post inspiration and lists!  Lastly, I sprinkled in a few bargain items from TJ Maxx/Homegoods to bring it all together and really hit home with my white and gold obsession: gold binder clips, gold extra large oversized paperclips, gold push pins, a folder holder {I rhyme!}, some darling folders and a GIANT new journal/sketchbook that I AM IN LOVE WITH!  My one investment was a gorgous and SUPER comfy white chair.  I know I will have this chair for decades - it just sang to me.


So in summary, creating your own personal sacred space can happen anywhere!  When I was in Minneapolis in my 1000 sqft apartment, I chose a random place in my bedroom that I decorated and became my meditation space.  I have made sacred spaces in closets and even laundry rooms.  Every living space is different, but take some time to tune in to your higher self and identify what YOU need to shift within your physical space to refresh, renew, reenergize, center or even breakdown - some safe space where you can enter, even if just for 5 minutes to clear your mind and come back to life.  My husband, who escapes to the woods for his alone time, fully and completely respects (and probably silently encourages! haha) me to take time for me.  I know I am a better daughter, sister, wife, coworker, coach and friend when I protect and listen to this inner calling.


Until next time...


Be your best self, Live your best life, Awaken Within!


Lisa K

Joy in Self-LoveLisa K