Having Faith in the Present Moment

A hummingbird flies by soooo quickly that if you're not paying attention to that present moment, you could totally miss seeing the little guy...also missing the joy that the moment could bring.  Such is life...


Lately I've been focusing much more intentionally on living in the present moment and it has quite literally begun shifting my life.  Like many of us, I'm definitely guilty of worrying about the past...or living anxiously wondering about the future...letting hundreds of "what if" questions come and go through my mind.  For example, in a new relationship, we can have a tendency to worry/wonder...where will this go...is he the one...then you start imagining your life together...what your house will look like...how your family will embrace them during your first holiday together...names of your kids....AND IT'S ONLY YOUR THIRD DATE!  HAHA!  You have to laugh a little bit! But this happens with work, financial matters, family relationships, upcoming events...we all can have a tendency to wonder or worry.  It reminds me of this quote:  “If you are depressed, you are living in the past.  If you are anxious, you are living in the future.  If you are at peace, you are living in the present”, by Lao Tzu.  My goal is to live life "at peace".


In order to combat negative emotions and truly resonate in ultimate joy, I’ve shifted my focus to the present moment.  While we have to think about the future to a certain extent to plan our lives or reflect on the past to learn from our experiences, I find I get the most out of life by trusting in the faith of the present moment.  Trust that this moment is exactly where you’re supposed to be, learning exactly what you’re supposed to learn, feeling exactly what you’re meant to feel.  This is what I mean by having faith in the present moment.  Have faith that this moment was created uniquely for you, in all it’s glory and it’s meant to be cherished and appreciated.  As I’ve shifted my focus to living more whole heartedly in the present moment, I’ve noticed a few specific shifts. 


First, I noticed the beauty around me stepped it up a notch!  Of course, the trees around me didn’t actuallyget greener or flowers actually get brighter, but with the shift in my level of appreciation for the present moment, they sure seem to stand out in a way I hadn’t experienced before!  Secondly, my level of happiness increased in direct proportion to my level of worry decreasing – I truly believe the two are connected.  The less I dwell on changing the past or anxiously planning out every detail of the future (also setting expectations for future moments, rather than just letting them unfold organically), the more my level of happiness, gratitude, appreciation, joy…increase!  Third, my confidence is through the roof!  I have come to realize, panicking about all of the “what ifs” of the future, took away my confidence; I lost my faith and trust in Spirit/God/Universe.  Having faith in the present moment, has exponentially increased my confidence!  I also lost a little weight without even realizing it…I’m naturally drawn to things that make me happy in the moment, like taking my dog for a walk, eating organic greens, getting in a sweat sesh and I’m no doctor, but I think my reduction in stress allows extra weight to fall off, which symbolically acts as a a physical barrier shielding us from ‘harm’.


The point is…what’s the harm in giving it a try!  Give it a week (but warning: you’ll get addicted).  Catch yourself!  The next time you find yourself living in the past or in the future, ask if there’s something in the present moment you should be enjoying instead.  A moment created just for you, perfectly crafted uniquely for you to enjoy…soak it up!


Live your Best Life.  Be your Best Self.  Awaken Within.


Lisa K

Joy in MindsetLisa K