Routines that keep us feeling our very best!

Getting back on any routine can be tough! Life has ups and downs, curves, windy roads, peaks and valleys, new adventures and shifts...however, when we pause and reflect on the times we feel our very best, there are certain contributing factors that those moments have in common.

What are those factors for you?

For me, my awakening & bedtime routine is one of those contributing factors that keeps me at my best.

B O O K S photographed above:

  • "One line a day": I write a paragraph about one thing I'm uber grateful for on that day

  • "Jesus Calling": Daily messages from Spirit to give me perspective (I actually prefer this in the morning usually - thank you @champagneandmacaroons )

  • "Q&A": this book has one question a day that I answer about myself; great introspection

Joy in Self-LoveLisa K