"What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do" ~Tim Ferris

This week's blog offers a lesson on tuning in to self to identify those people, things or events in your life that make you happy, challenge you to grow, lift you up, elevate you and make you better,(so you can invite more of this energy!) while also distinguishing that which no longer serves your ultimate and highest good (so you can release this energy). While the metaphysical world focuses mainly on staying in a neutral or positive frame of mind, science teaches us that we must first identify the negative energy (the negative polarity) around us in order to understand what beliefs and circumstances we desire to shift to a more positive state (positive polarity). 


Often times we stay in a situation much longer than we should out of fear, creating unwanted, negative energy.  Whether you have a friend who's been disappointing you, you're in a job you dislike, you're in a body you wish was more fit, or in an unhealthy relationship; in most cases, we do not initiate change because we are afraid.  What if I can't find a better job? What if working out is hard? What if I don't find anyone better? What if I end up alone?  All of this worry is a result of super creative, hypothetical situations, and in most cases, irrational fears, that haven't even happened yet, but we give them so much weight in our decision making.  Our minds are quite creative! :)

The question I challenge you to answer is this:  What would you do if you were not afraid?

This is a heavy question if you sit with it and reflect for a moment.  Go ahead, pause...reread the question and really think...if you were not afraid and bogged down with a million different "what if's" and worrisome thoughts...if fear were not an option, what would you do? 

Would you in fact...join that gym? Stop making plans with that flaky friend? Leave the unhealthy relationship? Start looking for a new job? 

What would you do if you were not afraid?

I love the quote in which Rumi reminds us that "the wound is the place where the light enters you".  If you have been disappointed by a friend more times than you care to count, be with that emotion and embrace it, for it is a wound letting in light to guide your path.  If you have been let down by a partner, depressed by a job, overwhelmed by financial burdens, lost a loved one...or experienced any other "wound" or tough moment, embrace that emotion, don't run from it,,.be with it for a moment.  Be thankful for that wound...for that is where the light enters you; that is where you'll be inspired to change, your thoughts and behaviors will begin to shift gears.  Try something new and follow this guiding light along your new path.  That is where the change is harnessed, in the wound, waiting to erupt and launch you in to the next chapter of goodness that awaits you in your life.  What change willyou allow the universe to share with you?

Be your best self, live your best life, awaken within!


Lisa K

Joy in MindsetLisa K