[Coming Fall 2019]


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You Can Go to the Dark Place, but Do Not Dwell There

Tools to help you shift from the darkness to the light


Course Details


  • Find yourself constantly feeling down?  Do you let other people impact your happiness? How many times a week do you feel down, glum or sad?  Do you find yourself stuck or unsure how to get out of this dark place?

  • In this course, you will learn about new tools you can put in to your tool box that you can reach for at any time to pull you from sadness, darkness, disappointment and move back to hopefulness, belief, empowerment and joy!

  • After completing this course, you can expect to have the knowledge, perspective and mindset tools to quickly climb the “Emotional Guidance Scale” ref: Abraham Hicks and inch your way closer to joy, no matter what the circumstance. You can expect to feel more empowered and in control of your joy.  You will be able to teach and share these tools with others to participate in raising the energy and increasing the positivity of our world.