Just Begin!

I've known for years that I was meant to help others to be their best selves. I let fear dominate me for a while, and lived in the shadows, unsure of where to start this journey or how to help people. I was afraid that I was too imperfect in my own life to help others. Now I realize, that was living small - that was a lack of trust in who I was spiritually. That was not believing that my voice was worth hearing. I show up here today, not perfect, not all knowing, but completely obedient as a light worker, full of love and willing to step out of fear to speak my heart in hopes of helping someone inch closer toward joy, happiness and love.


The point of my message today, is that we often hear our intuition knocking, trying to guide us down a certain path but we let fear dominate us. My message may not resonate with everyone, it may not be what everyone needs to hear, but with a little faith and obedience to that still small voice, the message will be what someone needs to hear.  We can learn so much from each other.


I'm always knee deep in a stack full of different books. I'm eager to learn more about who I am, my body, how to feed my soul. This journey of a lightworker evolves toward love…and I may not be perfect, but that my friends, is not the goal. The goal is to take one more loving action each day so that we continue to evolve and grow into the person we want to be. The person we need to become, to do our part on this precious Earth. Let the world hear your voice, that special message, that only you can share. Namaste sweet friends.

Joy in MindsetLisa K