My intuitively led coaching program will teach you tools to protect your happiness, propel you to your highest level of potential in your professional setting or help you transition careers, as desired, so you can discover the maximum amount of joy you deserve to find in this lifetime.


How we can work together


Executive coaching

Transition Coaching

Professional Development

Leadership & Team Strategy

Vulnerability & Transparency Coaching


Lifestyle Coaching

Life Purpose Discovery

Mindset Coaching

Relationship Communications

Goal Pathing


Coaching packages

1:1 Coaching | $1800

Meet with Coach Lisa K one on one during this 9 session coaching program.  Sessions run for 3 consecutive weeks, then week 4 is a rest week to process, apply learnings and percolate. The program takes 12 weeks to complete, Three weeks on, 1 week off.

  • All sessions are conducted via phone.  Did you know that 80% of our sensory perception is through our eyes? A phone call allows you to more successfully turn inward, vs. processing me or anything in our environment.  This time is all about you.

  • We kick off our program with a Personal Inventory, in which we review goals you have in the 6 main areas of your life: Relationships, Career, Financial, Health, Personal and Lifestyle. While you may come to me with an issue in the Career bucket, we may find obstacles in the health or personal bucket are actually what’s holding you back. This is why I do WHOLE PERSON coaching.  We’re all interconnected. I believe in solving the root of the issue so you don’t have to face it again.

  • Email and text communication is included in this package. If a conversation becomes too complex or warrants a session, I’ll let you know.  You also have the option to hop on a 15 Minute Urgent Call Session ($75/15 minutes)

  • Finally, you’ll get a free copy of my limited release eBook 21 Days of Self Love by Lisa K

Marco polo coaching | $500

Life is busy.  As a mom of newborn, juggling a business and a toddler, I barely had time to eat or shower, let alone schedule services for myself.  This service is for super busy individuals, who would rather just Marco Polo back and forth intermittently as time and life allows! 

  • This package includes a retainer for 50 Marco Polo Messages.

  • This is a new offering and we’re experimenting here to find what’s the best way to accommodate our clients. Renewals may not be for the same options. Subject to change.

Need help with a life transition, finding your purpose or discovering more joy?

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 What clients are saying…


“All at once I was not alone; I had an accomplished, caring professional on my team leading me through and out of what was a near disaster... Lisa has strong instincts and a generous spirit. And she has a tool box full of tips that seem to magically appear when I need them most. Her challenges are daunting -- but always come with a wealth of insight and a healthy dose of options and "solutions" to tackle the problems at hand.”

- Rebecca Whittington, Director of Development & Marketing at Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative (LANI), Los Angeles, CA


“Inspirational and challenging. When I met Lisa, I was at a crossroads in my career and wasn’t sure what my next steps should be. Working with Lisa I quickly realized that I was trying to live other people's version of success, using their gauge for happiness, not my own. Lisa helped me through that rough patch, we “re-wrote” the script, and she guided me in preparing a clear path forward. Lisa does this really well, at each step challenging my beliefs about myself and my capabilities. The process really helped me become a better version of myself. Then Lisa inspired me... It’s an unbelievable feeling when you can block out negative energy around you and focus on making your personal and professional goals a reality.”

- Michael Daniels, Channel Manager at Cogeco Peer 1, Ontario, Canada