Feeling BLAH about your life?...This is your path toward greater happiness

When I first moved to Minnesota, I can honestly say I fell in to a deep depression.  I'm typically a pretty happy person, but this move took me to a dark place.  All I wanted to do was go to work, come home and sit on the couch or sleep.  I had no energy or desire to be social, to be outside, to work out, to talk on the phone...I wasn't myself. Hell, even my dog refused to eat and lost a significant amount of weight, which was scary, but also a light bulb - he was feeding off of my energy.  I kept searching for a way to get out of this slump and "get my happy back", but I couldn't seem to find the inner strength to follow through.  My logical mind knew that being of service is always the BEST way to get over yourself, quite honestly...and to get your happy back.  While I physically struggled to get motivated to find a way to get involved, I knew whole heartedly from past experience that this was the way to get my happy back, get immersed in my new community and to shake off the negativity that surrounded me, day in and day out.


As the famous saying goes, 90% of success is just showing up...just taking one step in the direction of action.  Where our action goes our energy flows...


So I took the first step of begging the Universe to please help me find a way to give back...to be of service...to help others in some small way.  I prayed for a miracle because I desperately needed to get back to being myself - I needed to fill my heart with joy once again and shake off my loneliness and blues.  I needed to remember all of the blessings I had been given and help those who are less fortunate.  I needed to improve my state of being or else I knew I could not be there for others, I could not let my light shine, I could not spread happiness and joy to the world.


God/Spirit/Universe answered my prayers in the most beautiful way.  I had met Rennay Blizzard while on a spiritual detox retreat in Palm Springs, CA.  When Rennay saw via Facebook that I was now in the Minneapolis area she insisted I meet her best friend Dina Simon, President of Simon Says Give, a local nonprofit, started by 7 year old Mandi Simon.  It was the most beautiful collision of events I had ever experienced.  I needed Simon Says Give significantly more than they needed me.  This was my answer, this was my blessing, and this was my way to get my happy back, by being of service and helping others.  (Check out www.simonsaysgive.org to learn more!)


Yesterday and Today, I spent 2 full days participating in an INCREDIBLE event that Amy Grove and Tammy Thorson helped to put together, in partnership with Dina, Mandi and many others - High Five for Supplies.  We packed thousands of backpacks for children in need.  We're exhausted, yet uplifted.  We're tired, yet exhilarated.  We're worn out, yet filled up.  My efforts are miniscule in comparison to the organizers of this event; however, once again, Simon Says Give has given me more than I can ever give them.  They've given me joy, gratitude, appreciation, warmth, love...and best of all, my happiness back.  


If you or someone you know is stuck in their head - feeling down - feeling blue - feeling sorry for themselves - feeling defeated - feeling worthless - GET THEM INVOLVED IN GIVING BACK!!!  Being of service is the ultimate cure-all for your woes.  If you'd like to become involved in Simon Says Give, feel free to visit our website in order to sign up for volunteering at a local event in the Minneapolis Area or to donate from afar.


Wishing you all an incredible week of joy, happiness, bliss...and giving!


Live your best life, Be your best self, awaken within!


Lisa K

Joy in Self-LoveLisa K